Madewell and H & M Haul!

I am so, so exhausted. But for good reason! I went shopping all day, whoooooohoooo 😀 I wanted to treat myself for completing a stressful and exhausting school year. So, before I get started, I don’t want this to come off as a brag post, I just always enjoy seeing what other people buy, so I figured I would share too 🙂 

The first thing I bought was from Madewell. It is their “Linen Ringer Muscle Tee” in heather sand, with a pop of orangeish-red on the sleeves, the personal reason I was drawn to it in the first place. It’s a loose, relaxed fit (my favorite) but still slimming! Perfect for any body shape, to be honest.



 The second thing I bought was also from Madewell and it was on sale! It’s their “Baseball Season Sweater” It originally retailed for $72, but I got it on sale for $40, which I think is pretty fantastic. The cut is the same as the teeshirt, in that it is relaxed, but still slimming. I love this, especially because I have been on the hunt for a sweater these past 2 days (it’s been raining AGAIN here in Minnesota)



$72 –> $40

Third purchase was from H & M, my favorite store because it is so affordable, whereas Madewell is somewhere where I treat myself on (rare) occasion. Anyway, this is a “Circular Skirt” in mint green, one of my fave colors that I never know if I can pull off. I bought this for graduation day. I was wary of buying it because it is outside of my comfort zone, but I figured I would be a little daring on a special occasion. It’s super soft, like fleece, with a subtle knit pattern. 





The last thing I bought was a crop top. Never in my life have I owned a crop top, but there was a 2 for $10 deal so I figured why not! It won’t break the bank! So, nothing too special. I paired it with the skirt above and with an already owned cardigan, to complete my outfit (minus shoes and accessories) Oops, sorry there’s no pic, but I got it in black and I love it. Didn’t think that would happen. Now only if I would be brave enough to pair it with some shorts? 

Bye for now! Julie xx