I’m. Done. With. School.

No, not like URG IM SOOO DONE WITH SCHOOL! I actually am done. I finished high school! 😀 *celebratory dance*

If you read my previous post, you’ll have found that I was in the midst (now completed) (college) final exams. But I just said ^^high school^^ up there. Well, I feel like I’m leaving out a part of me if I don’t explain this whole thing. I am a senior in high school and a PSEO student in college. A PSEO student. I would say college student, but whenever I say that aloud someone always goes, “well you’re not technically in college nag nag nag, etc…” So now I just call (or called) myself a PSEO student. If you don’t know what that is it stands for Post Secondary Education Option. It’s for juniors and seniors in high school who are super smart. I’m kidding. Well.. No, no, I’m kidding. Anyway, I took college classes at my local community college for free! And I earned credit, too! Which I hope to put to use when I’m a “real” college student. Exciting! Well, now I feel like I shared a part of myself that needed sharing. 

What I was getting to was that I’m done with school and out for summer. Last summer I sat on my bum on the computer almost everyday. I cringe every time I think about that…. Ugh. So this summer I pledge to do something everyday! Like watch a different season of a TV show for each day of the week. No, I’m only joking again 😉 If you’re still reading this, thanks! It’s not everyday you want to be reminded of coursework I imagine. Looking forward to owing the government a lot of money! Jokes. 

What about you guys? Did college make you pull your hair out? How would you describe the overall experience in ONE WORD? I wanna know! 🙂


Finals Week :'(


I know I just got here, but look at me, writing two posts in one day. I told myself I wouldn’t do that (that’s what I’m tumblr is for, woohoo for self-promotion — go follow julie-weber.tumblr.com) but hey, I’m just that kind of person.ANYWAY. MY brain is turning to mush. MUUUSSSHHHH. No, I’m not crying (yes I am) And I’ll tell you why — It’s finals week at hell hole we all call college/high school/university/arhghajsghggghh

And I just can’t take it anymore. I need to go on a shopping spree or something, but no, alas I can not do that ’cause I’m a broke college student D’: I just love the smell of an overpriced college education, it gets me going.

Thoughts on college/finals? Or maybe some advice.. ’cause I’m desperate. Did finals ever stress you out? (oh god what kind of question is that, Julie, of course it does) Well, I’m just looking for some solidarity, that’s all! 😉