Guess Who’s Back?!

Hello, hello again! I’m back from New York. Well I’ll admit, I’ve been back since Sunday evening but I’ve been jetlagged. (They’re only an hour ahead but shhh.) Anyway Im back here in Minnesota and it is HOT HOT HOT!! I’ve been sweating bucket loads on my runs and just being outside in general, its madness! 

My trip was fun as well. My main reason was to see my sister graduate from RIT, which she did, and to help her move out, which I did. So that’s all really. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for me 😀

Got lei’d!! With a lei. My sisters friend is from Hawaii and had these made by a lei-maker-person-friend. Smelled so good and I loved the white 🙂






Minneapolis –> Rochester flight


Honestly the best dessert I’ve ever had. This was at Carrabbas, it was my first time there. Delicious!




The incredible sunset (taken with an iphone 5, yes really!) Coming back from a look around my sisters new apartment for the Fall



Got a little bored on the flight back home, so I did a little photo editing. I used this awesome app called PICLAB. Go check it out, guys!


Still bored.


Like I said. This was my favorite. We were descending, about 20 minutes away from Minneapolis-St. Paul International, and we were in between the clouds. Absolute money shot.

That’s all for now! Bye!

Julie xx



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