New York

Hey all! I leave for New York tomorrow and I am very excited. Unfortunately my plans to take a train into the city have…been…derailed. I totally just came up with that on the spot. Initially my plan was to take a flight to Rochester in upstate New York, and then take a second flight from there to NYC, or vice versa. However, both flights leave on the same day and who would spend a mere few hours in the city just to be whisked away soon after? So I decided to leave that adventure for another time (aka later this summer before I leave for school. NYC, I’m coming for you!) I’m just glad to be getting away for a few days. And I’m quite excited to see my sister graduate from RIT, her school in Rochester. 

On another note, the pergola in my backyard in done and just needs some finishing touches. Exciting!!!!

Well, that was just some updates for now. I am looking forward to sharing some of my New York experiences with you all soon!

Ciao for now! xx Julie


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