22 Reasons Minnesotans Are Having A Better Summer Than You

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1. Outdoor Culture

This is what heaven looks like, BTW This is what heaven looks like, BTW

Minnesotans love to be outside and there’s no shortage of things to do. With over 11,000 lakes Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Hawaii and Florida combined. That’s a lot of boating, fishing and lying on the beach.

2. Minnesota State Fair

Because every girl's dream is to have her face carved into butter one day, Amy West Because every girl’s dream is to have her face carved into butter one day, Amy West

Close your eyes and imagine the most delicious food you can think of. Fry it and put it on a stick and you can buy it at the state fair. Chocolate bars, Caprese salad, ostrich, and beer are all served a la stick. There’s also bacon ice cream. One of the biggest state fairs in the nation, you can do everything here from watching animals get born in the “birthing barn,” see big name concerts, or view a butter statue of this…

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Guess Who’s Back?!

Hello, hello again! I’m back from New York. Well I’ll admit, I’ve been back since Sunday evening but I’ve been jetlagged. (They’re only an hour ahead but shhh.) Anyway Im back here in Minnesota and it is HOT HOT HOT!! I’ve been sweating bucket loads on my runs and just being outside in general, its madness! 

My trip was fun as well. My main reason was to see my sister graduate from RIT, which she did, and to help her move out, which I did. So that’s all really. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for me 😀

Got lei’d!! With a lei. My sisters friend is from Hawaii and had these made by a lei-maker-person-friend. Smelled so good and I loved the white 🙂






Minneapolis –> Rochester flight


Honestly the best dessert I’ve ever had. This was at Carrabbas, it was my first time there. Delicious!




The incredible sunset (taken with an iphone 5, yes really!) Coming back from a look around my sisters new apartment for the Fall



Got a little bored on the flight back home, so I did a little photo editing. I used this awesome app called PICLAB. Go check it out, guys!


Still bored.


Like I said. This was my favorite. We were descending, about 20 minutes away from Minneapolis-St. Paul International, and we were in between the clouds. Absolute money shot.

That’s all for now! Bye!

Julie xx


New York

Hey all! I leave for New York tomorrow and I am very excited. Unfortunately my plans to take a train into the city have…been…derailed. I totally just came up with that on the spot. Initially my plan was to take a flight to Rochester in upstate New York, and then take a second flight from there to NYC, or vice versa. However, both flights leave on the same day and who would spend a mere few hours in the city just to be whisked away soon after? So I decided to leave that adventure for another time (aka later this summer before I leave for school. NYC, I’m coming for you!) I’m just glad to be getting away for a few days. And I’m quite excited to see my sister graduate from RIT, her school in Rochester. 

On another note, the pergola in my backyard in done and just needs some finishing touches. Exciting!!!!

Well, that was just some updates for now. I am looking forward to sharing some of my New York experiences with you all soon!

Ciao for now! xx Julie

Madewell and H & M Haul!

I am so, so exhausted. But for good reason! I went shopping all day, whoooooohoooo 😀 I wanted to treat myself for completing a stressful and exhausting school year. So, before I get started, I don’t want this to come off as a brag post, I just always enjoy seeing what other people buy, so I figured I would share too 🙂 

The first thing I bought was from Madewell. It is their “Linen Ringer Muscle Tee” in heather sand, with a pop of orangeish-red on the sleeves, the personal reason I was drawn to it in the first place. It’s a loose, relaxed fit (my favorite) but still slimming! Perfect for any body shape, to be honest.



 The second thing I bought was also from Madewell and it was on sale! It’s their “Baseball Season Sweater” It originally retailed for $72, but I got it on sale for $40, which I think is pretty fantastic. The cut is the same as the teeshirt, in that it is relaxed, but still slimming. I love this, especially because I have been on the hunt for a sweater these past 2 days (it’s been raining AGAIN here in Minnesota)



$72 –> $40

Third purchase was from H & M, my favorite store because it is so affordable, whereas Madewell is somewhere where I treat myself on (rare) occasion. Anyway, this is a “Circular Skirt” in mint green, one of my fave colors that I never know if I can pull off. I bought this for graduation day. I was wary of buying it because it is outside of my comfort zone, but I figured I would be a little daring on a special occasion. It’s super soft, like fleece, with a subtle knit pattern. 





The last thing I bought was a crop top. Never in my life have I owned a crop top, but there was a 2 for $10 deal so I figured why not! It won’t break the bank! So, nothing too special. I paired it with the skirt above and with an already owned cardigan, to complete my outfit (minus shoes and accessories) Oops, sorry there’s no pic, but I got it in black and I love it. Didn’t think that would happen. Now only if I would be brave enough to pair it with some shorts? 

Bye for now! Julie xx

Summer Break

I’m still here! I was MIA yesterday because I’ve been actually enjoying my break. This time last year I would have already finished season 2 of Workaholics. Anyway, I’ve been in the sun almost all day, everyday, and it’s been soo nice! The weather is finally looking up here in Minnesota. We’ve been stuck in the 60s (which I consider hot, to be honest) but now we’re up in the 70s to low 80s! The sun was scorching my back earlier today. The reason I’ve been out so much is because my dad and I are building a pergola for my graduation party, which is a garden sun shade structure, and boy is it tough work! I’ll definitely post a picture when it’s all done 🙂 

Anyway, that’s all for now. My whole body has been aching from long days of working, but at least school is out! Oh! Also, I’m off to New York this time next week. Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting news to share with you all 🙂 

Until next time! Julie xx

I’m. Done. With. School.

No, not like URG IM SOOO DONE WITH SCHOOL! I actually am done. I finished high school! 😀 *celebratory dance*

If you read my previous post, you’ll have found that I was in the midst (now completed) (college) final exams. But I just said ^^high school^^ up there. Well, I feel like I’m leaving out a part of me if I don’t explain this whole thing. I am a senior in high school and a PSEO student in college. A PSEO student. I would say college student, but whenever I say that aloud someone always goes, “well you’re not technically in college nag nag nag, etc…” So now I just call (or called) myself a PSEO student. If you don’t know what that is it stands for Post Secondary Education Option. It’s for juniors and seniors in high school who are super smart. I’m kidding. Well.. No, no, I’m kidding. Anyway, I took college classes at my local community college for free! And I earned credit, too! Which I hope to put to use when I’m a “real” college student. Exciting! Well, now I feel like I shared a part of myself that needed sharing. 

What I was getting to was that I’m done with school and out for summer. Last summer I sat on my bum on the computer almost everyday. I cringe every time I think about that…. Ugh. So this summer I pledge to do something everyday! Like watch a different season of a TV show for each day of the week. No, I’m only joking again 😉 If you’re still reading this, thanks! It’s not everyday you want to be reminded of coursework I imagine. Looking forward to owing the government a lot of money! Jokes. 

What about you guys? Did college make you pull your hair out? How would you describe the overall experience in ONE WORD? I wanna know! 🙂

Finals Week :'(


I know I just got here, but look at me, writing two posts in one day. I told myself I wouldn’t do that (that’s what I’m tumblr is for, woohoo for self-promotion — go follow julie-weber.tumblr.com) but hey, I’m just that kind of person.ANYWAY. MY brain is turning to mush. MUUUSSSHHHH. No, I’m not crying (yes I am) And I’ll tell you why — It’s finals week at hell hole we all call college/high school/university/arhghajsghggghh

And I just can’t take it anymore. I need to go on a shopping spree or something, but no, alas I can not do that ’cause I’m a broke college student D’: I just love the smell of an overpriced college education, it gets me going.

Thoughts on college/finals? Or maybe some advice.. ’cause I’m desperate. Did finals ever stress you out? (oh god what kind of question is that, Julie, of course it does) Well, I’m just looking for some solidarity, that’s all! 😉

My First Post! HELLO! :)

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Julianna, hence the URL, but I go by Julie. I am a 18 year old girl from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I am attending UMD (that’s University of Minnesota-Duluth) and plan to major in …. well I don’t know, but I figure I have time to sort that all out later, right?


I enjoy managing a blog and entertaining an audience, so click around and waste some time.

This blog will be a variation of all sorts of things, but mainly all things food and travel, woohoo! And stuff about me. It’s my blog after all! hahaImage